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I am sure you have heard that word – Twitter – either from CNN or from someone who is a bit into computers.  What is it and what do you do with it.

Well Twitter is what they call a ‘microblog’ or in laments term a website that you can let people know what you are doing or promoting.  It can be as silly as “I’m moving from the couch to the chair” or as serious as “Planning a charity event at Roscoe’s, hope to see you there”.

To get started sign up for an account at and then start telling people what you are doing, or in Twitter terms send out a tweet. Now at first the only ‘tweets’ you will see is yours but if you know people that are on Twitter you can find them and click on the Follow button which would allow you to there ‘tweets’. To really get something out of Twitter you have to build both the people that you follow and the people that follow you. That makes for great conversation and really see what is going on in the world. Another great tool in Twitter is the search tool in which you can search for certain subjects and you will see all the people that have ‘tweeted’ about that subject and what they are talking about.

There is a great application in which you can download to your desktop that gives you incredible power with your Twitter account. The program is called Tweetdeck and Cali Lewis gives a great rundown on how to use it at her website

Hope this helps with your ‘tweeting’ and you can find me @permeister



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