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Quick ‘n Easy Healthy Breakfast

Whether you stay at home or run out the door in morning we all need breakfast and a healthy one at that. Try a breakfast burrito.

To make it quick in the morning you need to do a couple of things beforehand.

1. Buy frozen diced red pepper and green pepper so that you don’t have to cut and dice.
2. Buy turkey sausage and cook it up and slice into chunks and then bag it up put it in the freezer
3. Dice up onion, enough to last you the week and the bag it up and put it in the fridge.
4. Start by heating the onions in the pan and then add it the frozen peppers and sausage.
5. Get your eggs ready for scrambling with a bit of milk and stir them up and then add into the pan with the onions, peppers, and sausage.
6. Get your whole grain tortillia ready once the eggs are ready dish it onto the tortillia and add salsa or hot sauce to taste and roll them up.

Ready to go in less then 10 minutes.



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Stay-At-Home Parent

Whoever said that being a stay-at-home parent was easy has never done it. Yeah you don’t have to get dressed first thing in the morning and you can catch TV whenever you want, at least when the whining subsides but actually keeping the attention of a 2 year-old and making sure the house stays in one piece can be a challenge.

I never expected I would be the parent that stays home but thanks to the drop off in our economy I was back-doored into it but it is definitely been a great experience. Spending this much time with my daughter has been wonderful and I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible as I know it will be over shortly.

One thing I have learnt – take them out to places as much as possible cause when they sleep you can finally relax……or at least get the dishes done.

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