If only we know when we were kids how much sleeping would be valued when we become adults.

Imagine if we were given a chance to sleep 12 hours a night do you think we would be waking up at 3am?  Then why do our kids wake up?  Pretty much like clock work I hear the door open and the patter of little feet come running out of the room wanting to jump into our bed.  Ok I know we have a king-sized bed but you add two adults, one 2 year-old and of course an extra pillow, a stuffed animal or two and an extra blanket the bed gets rather cramped – aaah…why don’t you want a bed to yourself.

And there you have it my nightly stare downs with my 2 year old in a dark hallway.  Me asking her why she is awake and her ignoring the question and pointing towards my bedroom door.  So after 10 minutes of back and forth I decide it will be easier to let her crash on our bed then not sleep.  Even after that somehow I seem to end up on the edge when my daughter takes up my whole side.  Ahhhh…the sleeping joys of a parent.



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