How the DVR has saved marriages.

Living the single life meant one thing you could watch sports whenever you wanted and you could actually see a game live and not spend the whole evening trying to avoid the score.

I really think DVR’s were invented by a couple of husbands who kept missing the game because either they were stuck watching some drama with some guy named McDreamy or ended up spending the evening chasing down a 2 year old trying to get them to bed.  We advertise them as tools so that you don’t miss a show and can pause the TV at any time but the hidden message that only guys can read is “See every game when you can’t”Now I am sure most guys are like me and have invented a new sport, “Avoiding the score”.  This sport can be seen nightly in most living rooms and you have learn the rules real quick or else you will come across the score.

  1. To really make sure you don’t see the score when one show is finished on the DVR pause it, don’t delete it.  Doing this prevents live TV from coming on while you switch to another show as you can always go back later and delete the show.
  2. If you must delete the show first turn down the volume of the TV and block out the upper third of the screen as that is where the put the score
  3. Do not – I repeat- Do not go on Facebook, Twitter or any sports message board as you never know when the arena announcer posts the score – Thanks Stu.

Oh and one more thing guys this doesn’t work the other way around – trust me I tried.


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