Random Thoughts

Here are some things that I saw this weekend and thought…huh these people actually made it out their front door.

If you are going to a toy warehouse sale to buy Christmas gifts for your kids – why do you bring your kids with you?  Now I can see kids 2 and under who don’t really get the idea of Christmas cause hey I am guilty of taking my 2 year old to a toy store and asking if she likes this and then buying it in front of her.  But hey when your kid is 6 and having a meltdown because he/she can’t get a toy.  Don’t blame it on the child.

With the recent hands-free law that came into effect in Ontario I know you might not be use to it yet…..but don’t do it in front of a cop shop.  That is just way too easy for them.

Fine you are going to put up Christmas lights in November – easier to do it in the warmer weather.  But please don’t turn on all of your decorations before I have to wear my winter coat.

Every day is a new adventure.


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One response to “Random Thoughts

  1. I completely agree on the children point. I don’t ever remember taking my kids to the mall except to see Santa so I concur.

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