Living the Google-centric life

You might as well give up and give to Google being king on how you can organize your life.

First off would be to start using Gmail.  It is a free email service and it has unbelievable features including a great search system that you can find any email or information in an email no matter how deep it is in your inbox.

Another great feature of Gmail is that ability to turn your email into IMAP which would keep your inbox updated whether you logged in on the web, mobile, or a desktop client like Microsoft Outlook and all of your email would be synced and automatically change when you receive, send or delete.

With Gmail comes the Contacts feature in it which on the outside may seem plain and boring but is quite powerful.  The one feature I like is that anyone who either you emailed or has emailed you gets put into an ‘All Contacts’ group so that even if the email gets deleted you will always have that contact information.  From there you can choose to place them into the main ‘My Contacts’ grouping.  Another great feature of Contacts is that you can go through you contacts and see what recent conversations(email or instant message) with them so you never lose that email.

Moving from Gmail is the Calendar feature which again is automatically synced if you have your Gmail IMAPed so that anything you change on one device is changed on another other devices you have synced.  There are a number of incredible features that come with GCal to list here but one feature is the the ability to put public calendars into your own GCal account so you don’t have to spend time inputting each item indivually.  So you can get your favorite sports teams schedule or your favorite TV channel schedule put right into your calendar so you never miss a date.

This is just the tip of the iceburg on what you can do to keep your life organized.  Try it once and you will find it hard to go back to your old system.

Find all the information to get started at:



All information Google on


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  1. Not to mention one of my faves Google Documents and Google Analytics! Google RULES!

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