Monday Musings

So over the last week here are things that have made me go….hmmmmmm.

  1. Why is it my daughter wants to sleep in on weekdays yet be up at the crack of dawn on weekends.
  2. Why do stores (Walmart are you listening?) in Canada advertise all week to not go across the border on Black Friday because they are having a Saturday/Sunday Huge Event and it turns out that it was basically a regular sale.
  3. Why can’t people on Twitter make the attempt of conversation instead of just demanding a Google Wave invite – I might actually send you one then.
  4. How do the “People of Walmart and People of Costco” not realize they are being photographed.
  5. I am just glad my 2 year old shouts out “I have to pee!” in public like she does at home.

| Enjoy your week |


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