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Why? But Why? Why? But Why?

I am sure a lot of parents are in the stage I am.  The why? stage.  Where no matter what you say it will be followed by your rugrat responding with why?

Oh and don’t try using why yourself because you either get why back in your face or a laugh followed by, but why?

I know it is great that they are inquisitive and want to learn about everything but there has to be a cutoff point.  Maybe a rule where you are only allowed to ask why 10 times a day or come up with a different word then why.  Also where did it come from and how do all kids know about it.

The one part about it that sends my head banging against the wall is when why pops up on things she knows like cooking dinner as this conversation went:

  • What are you doing? (daughter)
  • Cooking dinner. (Me)
  • Why?
  • So we can eat.
  • Why?
  • Because we are all hungry and it is supper.
  • Why?
  • Because it is dinner time.
  • Why?
  • Aren’t you hungry?
  • Yeah, but why?
  • So we can be full and then go to bed.
  • Why?
  • Because it is almost your bedtime.
  • Why?
  • (BANG. BANG.BANG goes my head against the cupboard.  Because, because that is just how life goes.
  • Why?
  • I don’t know.
  • OK (followed by a big smile on her face……)
  • (Under my breath) Little bugger.

Thus was my conversation with my daughter last night but hey I guess it’s better then trying to explain the birds and the bees.

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How Social Media has Made the World Smaller

Being a kid of the 80’s our version of social media was watching tv and then talking to our friends about it the next day at recess.

I don’t ever remember knowing beforehand if a show was canceled or if it was a rerun the next week.  Let alone knowing what the actors were doing outside of the show.  Now we can actually follow the daily activities of our favourite celebrities and feel like we are a part of their lives.  Obviously to what they want to share with us.

Before you call me on stalking it’s just more of seeing that they do lead regular lives and it shows that they have fun with this new media as well.

Here is a perfect example of how the world is a much smaller place.  Growing up in Canada there were 3 crushes a boy would have – Punky Brewster, Samantha Micelli and Erica Ehm.  The crushes came from more of seeing them as be individual and not afraid to do their own thing.  The only interaction we had was laughing at what they said on TV.  Now with the Web tools such as Twitter and Facebook we get to become virtual acquaintances and follow their adventures and even get the ability to contribute to the discussion which is something you could never think of back then.

Why there is this need for this type of interaction I am not sure but it is fun to be able to follow the life adventures of people you grew up admiring.

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Alyssa Milano

Soliel Moon Frye

Erica Ehm

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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year to put out a list of resolutions of things you want to change or acheive over the course of the new year. Many that are put down ate always never acheived so it’s always important to make they are things you want to acheive and not just think you do.

Here is my list of what I want to achieve:

  • design something everyday to increase my skillset
  • maintain my blog so that it becomes a vital part of the community
  • decide on my career direction and network, network, network
  • drink more water
  • become a vital part of This Week In Media
  • get my company off the ground and decide what it wants to be

All achievable and let’s see what will happen in the new year.

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