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New Year’s Resolutions

It’s that time of year to put out a list of resolutions of things you want to change or acheive over the course of the new year. Many that are put down ate always never acheived so it’s always important to make they are things you want to acheive and not just think you do.

Here is my list of what I want to achieve:

  • design something everyday to increase my skillset
  • maintain my blog so that it becomes a vital part of the community
  • decide on my career direction and network, network, network
  • drink more water
  • become a vital part of This Week In Media
  • get my company off the ground and decide what it wants to be

All achievable and let’s see what will happen in the new year.


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Monday Musings

So over the last week here are things that have made me go….hmmmmmm.

  1. Why is it my daughter wants to sleep in on weekdays yet be up at the crack of dawn on weekends.
  2. Why do stores (Walmart are you listening?) in Canada advertise all week to not go across the border on Black Friday because they are having a Saturday/Sunday Huge Event and it turns out that it was basically a regular sale.
  3. Why can’t people on Twitter make the attempt of conversation instead of just demanding a Google Wave invite – I might actually send you one then.
  4. How do the “People of Walmart and People of Costco” not realize they are being photographed.
  5. I am just glad my 2 year old shouts out “I have to pee!” in public like she does at home.

| Enjoy your week |

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Random Thoughts

Here are some things that I saw this weekend and thought…huh these people actually made it out their front door.

If you are going to a toy warehouse sale to buy Christmas gifts for your kids – why do you bring your kids with you?  Now I can see kids 2 and under who don’t really get the idea of Christmas cause hey I am guilty of taking my 2 year old to a toy store and asking if she likes this and then buying it in front of her.  But hey when your kid is 6 and having a meltdown because he/she can’t get a toy.  Don’t blame it on the child.

With the recent hands-free law that came into effect in Ontario I know you might not be use to it yet…..but don’t do it in front of a cop shop.  That is just way too easy for them.

Fine you are going to put up Christmas lights in November – easier to do it in the warmer weather.  But please don’t turn on all of your decorations before I have to wear my winter coat.

Every day is a new adventure.

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