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What? There is a newborn in our house.

Why am I up at 3:00 AM………oh yeah we have a newborn in the house.

It’s only been 3 years but I have seem to have forgotten some things about raising a newborn baby.  It must be human nature to not remember the bad stuff but only remember the good stuff so that we will have more kids because if I remembered how drained you feel a week after who knows what I would have done.

Of course it is not all doom and gloom as having a baby in the house is definitely an amazing feeling and how much peace there is when she is sleeping or eating or……well you know.  Ok so not much peace in that more like pieces but hey it’s not that bad when it is your kid.

I think my brain only allowed me to remember the cuddling up in my arms cause I don’t recall my 3 year old crying so much but maybe new one can see my face better.

…………………………………… now what was I saying?  Sorry dozed off there for a moment.

Oh yeah – the good certainly outweighs the bad and I get to once again enjoy being a new father.




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Why? But Why? Why? But Why?

I am sure a lot of parents are in the stage I am.  The why? stage.  Where no matter what you say it will be followed by your rugrat responding with why?

Oh and don’t try using why yourself because you either get why back in your face or a laugh followed by, but why?

I know it is great that they are inquisitive and want to learn about everything but there has to be a cutoff point.  Maybe a rule where you are only allowed to ask why 10 times a day or come up with a different word then why.  Also where did it come from and how do all kids know about it.

The one part about it that sends my head banging against the wall is when why pops up on things she knows like cooking dinner as this conversation went:

  • What are you doing? (daughter)
  • Cooking dinner. (Me)
  • Why?
  • So we can eat.
  • Why?
  • Because we are all hungry and it is supper.
  • Why?
  • Because it is dinner time.
  • Why?
  • Aren’t you hungry?
  • Yeah, but why?
  • So we can be full and then go to bed.
  • Why?
  • Because it is almost your bedtime.
  • Why?
  • (BANG. BANG.BANG goes my head against the cupboard.  Because, because that is just how life goes.
  • Why?
  • I don’t know.
  • OK (followed by a big smile on her face……)
  • (Under my breath) Little bugger.

Thus was my conversation with my daughter last night but hey I guess it’s better then trying to explain the birds and the bees.

| Enjoy your day|


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Twitter Friends

However you use Twitter there are definitely people on there that are interested in what you’re talking about.  Even with only 140 characters you can definitely find some tweetfriends to spur on some good discussions.  The best thing about Twitter is that you can have conversations with people you have never met and have it turn into a great resource.

For me I got onto Twitter because yes I am a geek, but never really got it until I started using the search button to find topics that I was interested in.  Only then did Twitter become a great resource.  For me getting laid off and having frustration in finding the next job I decided to use government programs to my advantage and thought about switching to a computer career.  So I searched Twitter for what training I needed for web development and the answers came flooding in and from that I have a great network of friends that I can discuss about web development that I never had before.  While at home with my daughter I apparently put myself on the stay-at-home diet where you gain pounds and not lose them so I used Twitter again and came across a group of people who were all looking to get their family healthy and fit and found a website and from there I am now participating in a huge Mother’s Day Giveaway

This giveaway involves group of bloggers who mostly all met through Twitter and are giving away prizes on May 1 with a huge Twitter Party.  Check out the list of prizes and sign up with all the bloggers there at We Fit Families.  

Twitter can be a great tool and you can really develop some good friendships through it but you really have to decide how you are going to use Twitter and you really do have to participate in discussions or else you will never get the full benefit of it.

You can find me on Twitter – @permeister



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Mother’s Day Mega Bash Giveaway



Are you ready to celebrate Mother’s Day in style., a website to help families get more active and healthier, is holding a Mother`s Day Mega Bash Giveaway on May 1, 2009 on Twitter.

 To help in the celebration they will be giving a grand prize away from McCormicks Spices which includes a $200 gift certificate to winner’s local grocery store and a basket full of goodies.  Please visit WeFitFamilies to enter.

WeFitFamilies has been a great addition to my life as I have connected with lots of people around North America in a similar situation as I am,  at home with a child and wanting to get healthier but not getting the motivation.  You can find tips, tricks, recipies and challenges all in order to have a healthier and happier family.

To build up the excitement of the WeFitFamilies Mother’s Day Mega Bash on May 1 they have partnered with selected members of the forum to giveaway prizes from thier blogs, including this one.  If you have little ones then you will want to try and win these.  Crayon Rocks has been kind enough to give me prizes to send to three lucky readers.

Crayon Rocks are great for preschool children as they are easy to hold and make great drawings with vibrant colors and beautiful textures.

The three prizes are below:

Student Box of 16 Summer Colors      Treasure Bag – 8 Primary color Crayon Rocks           “Just Rocks” – 64 crayons in 16 colors

rocks-in-a-box                  treasure-bag                       just-rocks                            

How to win!

You must be on Twitter and leave me a comment with your Twitter ID. At the end of the giveaway I will draw 3 names from all the entries. Please leave a separate Comment for each entry.  To find out if you win you can join WeFitFamilies on May 1 on Twitter at the hashtag #fitfam.

The giveaway is open to anyone 18 years of age or older.  I reserve the right to remove any entry from this giveaway. This giveaway ends 4/30 at 11:59pm est. Please allow 4-6 weeks for mailing and is only open to US Residents.

I have a couple of friends that are also giving away prizes for the Mother’s Day Bash and head to their blogs to see what they have.

A Few Fries Short Giving away Squirrel ADD T-shirt
The Daily Planet Giving away $25 GC
It’s Me Betty Giving away McCormick Spices

Oh and you can follow me on Twitter – @permeister


All rules for the Mother’s Day Mega Bash Giveaway can be found at WeFitFamilies.


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It’s Coming……………..


The Mother’s Day Giveaway from

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Stay-At-Home Parent

Whoever said that being a stay-at-home parent was easy has never done it. Yeah you don’t have to get dressed first thing in the morning and you can catch TV whenever you want, at least when the whining subsides but actually keeping the attention of a 2 year-old and making sure the house stays in one piece can be a challenge.

I never expected I would be the parent that stays home but thanks to the drop off in our economy I was back-doored into it but it is definitely been a great experience. Spending this much time with my daughter has been wonderful and I am trying to enjoy it as much as possible as I know it will be over shortly.

One thing I have learnt – take them out to places as much as possible cause when they sleep you can finally relax……or at least get the dishes done.

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First Week

Well my life got turned upside down the past few weeks as I was laid off from my almost dream job.  That kind of knocked me to the ground but gotta keep moving.

One thing that it forced me to do was become a full-time stay-at-home Dad.   Now I knew (or at least heard through the grapevine) that a homemom’s job was tough but I had no idea.  I have lucked out that I have a great wife who is helping me come up with things to keep our child occupied through the day so that I don’t end up in a corner crying and our 2-year old running around tearing the house apart.

Not sure where I will be in a month but until then and beyond I hoping I can put in tips about many things and keep us Dads in the loop.

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