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The Journey to a New Body

Knowing that  having a newborn around the house I need to get myself back into shape and shed off the pounds that I have put on with my marriage and my 3 year old.  The only thing is that I know what to do but the question is how to find the motivation to do it between raising two girls, work, hobbies, and spending time with my wife.

That is where a Life Fitness Coach comes into play.  I was on Twitter the other day and a message caught my attention in regards to how fitness can positively impact your life and my reply was “I agree but how do you start with so much going on?”, and thus a conversation was started with Lisa Johnson.  In that conversation I remarked that it would be great if I could use her as a Life Coach as I needed the help and coincidentally she was starting that up as part of her website so I became her guinea pig in this new challenge.

A week in and I have done more then I have done in the past 3 years.  It really goes to show that you don’t need to be in the same physical room to find someone that inspires you to change your lifestyle.  You can use the tools of the Internet and your trainer can be anywhere in the world.

We sat down one morning and talked via Skype and within 20 minutes a plan of action was laid out including what exercises to do and what calorie intake I will need to lose the weight that I want to lose.  I use Google Docs to keep a journal of the excercises and calorie intake in which I share with Lisa so that at anytime she can look and see if I am keeping track and staying on course.  We keep in touch via Twitter if I have any questions or if she needs to change things in my nutrition or excercise.  I also use her website – Lisa Johnson Fitness to view all of her tips and any blog posts she does.

I never really understood the value of a trainer until now and even it doesn’t have to be full-time.  Just someone around that every once in a while makes sure that you are staying on target and give you a bit of inspiration.  Lisa is great in detailing a program suited to your lifestyle and what tools you have available.  Defintely worth something to check out and find out if it is right for you.

Oh yeah guess I need to give you some idea of where I am and where I want to be.

Currently I am weighing in at 227 pounds and by October I want to be 170 pounds.   I guess by posting this is my inspiration of saying goodbye to the Daddy baby weight and finally fit back into my clothes.



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How the DVR has saved marriages.

Living the single life meant one thing you could watch sports whenever you wanted and you could actually see a game live and not spend the whole evening trying to avoid the score.

I really think DVR’s were invented by a couple of husbands who kept missing the game because either they were stuck watching some drama with some guy named McDreamy or ended up spending the evening chasing down a 2 year old trying to get them to bed.  We advertise them as tools so that you don’t miss a show and can pause the TV at any time but the hidden message that only guys can read is “See every game when you can’t”Now I am sure most guys are like me and have invented a new sport, “Avoiding the score”.  This sport can be seen nightly in most living rooms and you have learn the rules real quick or else you will come across the score.

  1. To really make sure you don’t see the score when one show is finished on the DVR pause it, don’t delete it.  Doing this prevents live TV from coming on while you switch to another show as you can always go back later and delete the show.
  2. If you must delete the show first turn down the volume of the TV and block out the upper third of the screen as that is where the put the score
  3. Do not – I repeat- Do not go on Facebook, Twitter or any sports message board as you never know when the arena announcer posts the score – Thanks Stu.

Oh and one more thing guys this doesn’t work the other way around – trust me I tried.

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